A Collaborative Approach for Separating

Divorce can be a frightening and confusing process.  You have to plan for a new future, but you don't know what that future will look like.  You face emotional, logistical and legal concerns without the support of your partner.  Often in opposition to your partner.  When people are in conflict, communication tends to break down- right when they need it the most.

Mediation is simply the art of helping people have a good conversation.  I help couples transitioning out of their relationships sort out the logistics of the separation or divorce and already separated couples work on lingering or ongoing matters. Allowing each person to express his or her needs and desires provides a chance for the couple to collaborate on finding the solutions that are right for them. Participants in family mediation create tailor-made arrangements for: 

  • parenting plans
  • division of assets and liabilities 
  • financial support 

The agreements made in the divorce mediation process are typically used as the basis of the separation agreement, which can be drawn up by an attorney and filed in court. Divorce mediation helps couples avoid the back and forth, adversarial approach of attorney-driven divorce and allows them to build a positive post-separation, working relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation

Every situation is unique. Please contact Sara to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.

What Clients Say

Thank you for your kindness, skill and persistence in the mediation process. Only a couple of days after we saw you last, I was able to believe that L didn’t do his stuff on purpose.
We signed the papers and did the tangibles last week. I feel like I have come ashore from a shipwreck after swimming and rowing a lifeboat for quite a while. There is a great deal of relief and I am now in a restoration phase.
Things are becoming ever more peaceful in my mind and heart.”

”Mediation was helpful in being able to resolve differences that would otherwise be hard to negotiate.”

“I’m very, very, very grateful for the professional parameters of a mediation session. Sara’s skills were exceptional!

”I appreciate Sara’s way of viewing both sides and trying to make it as fair as possible for both of us considering the situation.”

Online Mediation and Parenting Coordination

There are times when it is too difficult to bring both parties into the same office for a mediation or parenting coordination.  Maybe they live far apart or the stress of being together gets in the way.  In those cases, online services provides a simple solution.  

Online mediation and parenting coordination works exactly like the face to face version.  After receiving simple instructions to log on, the two parties come together on a video conference call with the mediator/PC.  On the call, they can each see each other and the facilitator.  They can share documents such as calendars or financial records and see the draft agreements as they're written up.  All that is needed is a good internet connection and a computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers.