financial benefits of mediation

5 Steps to Negotiate Equitable Distribution

Money. We love it. We struggle with it. We fight about it. Money touches some of the deepest recesses of our being, the tender spots where insecurities dwell. We fear we won’t have enough, even when we have always had enough to survive in the past. We want to be respected and valued for what we provide and to demonstrate good stewardship. We know money is a useful tool, but it can also be the root of all evil and equated with power. Here are some suggestions to overcome the obstacle of money in your divorce.

Cost of Mediation

This little info-graphic outlines just one important difference between lawyer-driven and mediator-assisted divorce.  We all want a fair value for our money, but when we get into a conflict, often our best judgement flies out the window.  When faced with that situation, breathe first.