When we can't find peace we have to create it.

Cultivating Peace: a workshop for women

Why is it that as much as we want to all get along, we find ourselves fighting with former partners, family members, neighbors, colleagues, or strangers?  In fact, the closer we are or were to someone, the more likely we are to feel intense anger, frustration or hurt.  We want to build strong, healthy relationships for our children and for our own peace of mind, but the other person seems to impede us at every step of the way. 

Since we can't change that other person, we know we have to begin with ourselves. 

Living with that anger or sadness is like living in pain.  It impacts every single aspect of our lives because it haunts our thoughts.  We find ourselves telling and retelling the story of how we have been wronged to friends, family and to ourselves in order to attempt to clarify it and make a better case to some illusory judge.  We hope to gain perspective talking with others, but our support networks inadvertently reinforce our stories by offering sympathy and agreement.  This results in deeper entrenchment in our own limited thinking and keeps us fixed in a state of conflict. 

In order to help women overcome the stress of conflict-ridden relationships in their lives, I'm offering a four-week workshop on Cultivating Peace. The workshop will help women dislodge from the static conflict story and create a new perspective that allows for growth and learning and transcendence.  I will provide a framework for understanding the patterns and opportunities of conflict, concrete tools to move beyond it and hands-on practice to help build new habits of mind and change your perspective. 

Week 1: Understanding Conflict

The common themes, structures and gifts of conflict.

Week 2: Acceptance

Buddha's Four Noble Truths, systems view of relationships, and forgiveness.

Week 3: Living in the Present

Language, listening and staying solution focused.

Week 4: Transcending Conflict

The 5 Dimensions of Conflict and rituals for letting go.


*I look forward to offering this workshop for men.  If you're a man and you're interested, please let me know. 



Wednesdays May 3-24, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
34 Wall Street Suite 401, Asheville NC 28801
Cost: $75.00
Please register by April 26

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