Shared Information


Some things are actually easier now due to technology and exchanging co-parenting information is one of them.  There are a number of free services that allow parents to share calendars, financial record keeping and documents, creating a virtual desk for the two households. I’m most familiar with Google calendar and drive, but other online services offer similar tools.

When parents share an online calendar with their children, days with each parent can be marked in distinct colors so that a child as young as 3 can look at it and know what lies ahead.  Older children can have direct access to that calendar to enter important dates such as a school play or soccer game.  If the calendar needs to change for a vacation or switch, everyone is updated at the same time.

Google Drive, File Savr or File Dropper allow parents to post information relevant to their children and avoid nagging phone calls, emails and texts.  Electronic bills, newsletters from school or updates from professionals put in a shared folder can be viewed and modified by both parents.  It provides a clear and ongoing record of accessible documents to both parents so less information falls through the cracks.

Parents can add a spreadsheet for logging shared parenting expenses such as school fees, medical expenses and sports registrations.  Both parents update the log as they put out money and the monthly total can be seen by both.  I’ve developed a simple spreadsheet for this purpose that I’m happy to send you if you  send me an email through my contact form.

Operating the co-parenting relationship like an efficient business means using business tools.  These minimize the back and forth, he said/she said opportunities for bickering that befall many parents.