The Practice

Whether it is mediating a separating couple or assisting an organization in transition, Sara's work relies on four basic principles.

  • Self-Determination: People need to be in charge of decisions that impact their lives. When people create their own solutions, they are tailored to their needs and ultimately more durable.

  • Communication: it's is the life-blood of a healthy system. Some people communicate well until conflict presents itself. The trick is to expect the conflicts and to build in structures for handling them when they arise.

  • Accountability: People are most accountable to themselves and the people directly around them. Top-down rules and mandates suck the life out of everyone.

  • Transparency: The best decisions come from a full understanding of various perspectives. This requires transparency, honesty, and casting a wide net when seeking input.

Sara is magical. She has a gift. She can keep the peace while making sure people are being heard and knows when and how to cut out the things that are unhelpful and do not contribute a solution. She knows how keep people focus and rooted in reality so that feelings can be acknowledged but not let emotions drive things into unproductive or dangerous places. She made a very painful and potentially dangerous situation do able.
— client review

The Story

Sara has been helping people work through conflicts for over 20 years.  In 1991, after receiving her MA in Organization Development, she began assisting organizations develop more effective communication systems and strategies for growth.  Over time, her practice focused increasingly on utilizing conflict resolution to transform stuck organizations, relationships and individuals.  In 2007, determined to dig deeper into this opportunity for growth, she turned her attention to mediation and became certified by the state to mediate Superior Court Settlement Conferences and then attained certification as a Family and Divorce Mediator. She served as Director of Mediation Services at the Mediation Center in Asheville, NC from 2007-2010 and became an Advanced Practitioner in Family Mediation in 2009.  In 2012, recognizing the needs of high-conflict parents, she trained for and was approved as a Parenting Coordinator in North Carolina.  She currently serves as a Guardian ad Litem for the Administrative Office of the Courts in NC.  


  • Child Custody and Visitation Mediator for NC Courts

  • Advanced Practitioner in Family Mediation with the Association for Conflict Resolution

  • Member of the North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators

  • Certified by the North Carolina Courts to conduct Permanency Mediations

  • Approved Parenting Coordinator for 28th Judicial District

  • Organization Development Consultant for Western North Carolina Nonprofit Pathways

  • Guardian ad Litem for the Administrative Office of the Courts of NC


Every situation is unique.  Please contact Sara to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.