Conflict Changes Us

Most people facing a conflict, whether it is a separation with a partner or a transition at work, find themselves struggling with feelings of anger, frustration, loneliness and doubt while trying to navigate the unfamiliar and often confusing new situation in which they find themselves.   They confront significant decisions that will impact their future just as communication breaks down and stress overwhelms their best decision making abilities.  Sara Bensman provides individuals, couples and groups a path through this process that maintains dignity and points toward peace and sustainability and away from the "scorched earth" results of typical divorce proceedings, antagonistic relationships or conflict situations.

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About Sara

Sara assists people in making healthy decisions for themselves, their organizations and their families while reducing the tension and animosity that leads to conflict and stress.

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Every situation is unique. Contact Sara to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your situation and determine what services might help.


Upcoming Events

Divorce & Your Money        

Offered through OnTrack WNC Women's Financial Education Program

Most of us don't know where to begin the process of separating our lives from a partner, dividing assets and liabilities, making plans for our children and making it all legal.  This class will offer a road-map to allow participants to choose the path that is right for them, with an emphasis on doing it with the least amount of money and scorched earth. This class is for women in all types of partnerships and phases of their relationships. We also welcome therapists, clergy and others who offer assistance.

September 18,  5:30-7:00 and September 25, 12:00-1:00 

Pre-registration required.  Call OnTrack WNC today at 255-5166.


Relationships & Money: Having the Conversation

Offered through OnTrack WNC Women & Money Conference

Somehow, talking about money often results in arguments, hurt feelings, and a sense of inadequacy.  This interactive session will explore topics you will want to address to get stronger outcomes and teach you how to make those conversations effective, calm, and rational.

October 25, time TBA

Pre-registration required.  Call OnTrack WNC today at 255-5166.