When people are in conflict, communication tends to break down - right when they need it the most. I help couples transitioning out of their relationships sort out the details of the separation: the kids, the house, the stuff.

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About Sara

The aim of my practice is to assist people in making healthy decisions for themselves, their organizations and their families while reducing the tension and animosity that leads to conflict and stress.

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Parenting Coordination

Some parents find themselves struggling to work effectively with their child’s other parent for too long.  It seems like whatever one parent decides is best for their child, the other determines it will cause ultimate ruin.  Even years after separation, these parents continue to fight as they did at the end of their marriage.

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No one wants to walk around with residual hatred toward an old love.  It undermines our happiness and makes us bitter.  It probably causes wrinkles and grey hair.  Here are three actions help replace hatred with calm.

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Organization Development

Many organizations begin with a strong vision and structure in place but over time these calcify and they becomes less able to seize opportunities and dodge curve balls. I help businesses and non-profits become sustainable.

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Asheville Ignite Talk:  What is the Opposite of War?


Every situation is unique. Contact me to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your situation and determine what services might help.

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